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Brazilian Association of Thematic Philately


Propaganda / Promotion

- Didatic panels exhibited in several cities, Organization of Thematic Philatelic Exhibitions, Organization of National Philatelic Exhibitions, Actions in non-philatelic áreas :participation in cultural areas (Philately and Numismatics Comission of the Department of Culture of the State of São Paulo, the website www.abrafite.com.br


- regular courses, (three steps of courses : Philatelic Initiation, Thematic Philately and University Extension courses), Translation and divulgence of the thematic regulations and the Guidelines, Thematic Doctrine and Regulations divulged by the website, Monitoring in exhibitions, Personalized assistance to the members ( by letter, telephone, e-mail, in person ) analising the reproduction of their colletions.


- TEMAPEX exhibitions -thematic national exhibitions non-competitive. Ten editions performed.

- LUBRAPEX 74 - Luso-Brazilian Exhibition - colaboration in the organization.

- BRASILIANA 79 - III Thematic FIP World Exhibition - colaboration in the organization.

- BRASILIANA 83 - FIP World Exhibition - colaboration in the organization.

- BRAPEX 88 - General National Exhibition - organization.

- Local and regional exhibitions : 50 already organized.


- The magazine TEMATICA, Philately and Culture. (1971-2002)

- TEMINHA ("Little Theme"), Bulletin for juvenil philatelists (1988/90)

- Philately : Basic Module (initiation) - 1991

- Introduction to the Thematic Philately - 1971

- Seminar of Thematic of Thematic Philately - 1986

- Index of the magazine "Tematica" (1971-1990) - 1991

- Series Brazil - Religion in Brazilian Philately - 1988

- Series Brazil - Medecine in Brazilian Philately - 1988

- Thematic Classification of the Brazilian Stamps - 1987

- Thematic Classification of the Brazilian Commemorative postmarks - 1989

- Chess on Stamps - Catalogue - 1989

- Insect on Stamps - Catalogue - 1990

- The presentation in the thematic collections - 1978

- Thematic principles of a collection -1978

- Postal and philatelic documents in the thematic collections - 1977

- Stamps in the thematic collections


Brazil has a long tradition in thematic collections, since 1940. The ABRAFITE, established in 1971, with the initial devotion of the Dr. Heitor Fenício and other pioneers who had been responsibles for the initial success of ABRAFITE and Brasiliana 79, our first World Thematic Exhibition.

The tradition and the quality of the Brazilian thematics collections are fruit of the great work and devotion of ABRAFITE and its members. The principal accomplishment of the ABRAFITE was the thematic magazine, Filatelia and Cultura, edited during 31 years, by Mr.Ruben Reis Kley and another collaborators, with more than the 8,000 pages. Currently, the ABRAFITE president is the Eng. Geraldo de Andrade Ribeiro Jr, and has 100 members and the main activities are based on the ABRAFITE web site ( www.abrafite.com.br ).

The Brazilian Philately is very rich in thematic materials and we have many collections in the international list of the FIF.

Eng. Geraldo de Andrade Ribeiro Jr.
National Commissioner of Thematic Philately






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